La Liberté

Today we walked for freedom in Copenhagen; freedom of Spirit & hereby freedom of speech & religion. The individual has according to the UN 30 human rights. Each. All, despite gender, nation &/or belief.

To me it also means that one has the freedom to think (!?) what one wants &/or if one wants! You cannot force a flower to grow or prevent autumn after summer but none respects that anymore, I see. What a pity

Control & manipulation is part of the human mind, carry it well, do no harm but take no shit… Everyone of us has a responsibility. Not everyone the option, living in a socially controlled field – marriage &/or family but today I had the option, the time to walk. For freedom. Authorities let us pass by the biggest square in the city center by foot, such a statement.

Chances are… chances are right now! If you’re a Lightworker &/or Love warrior like me having the privilege of option & choice, the Time is now! To speak up, manifest but also cooperate with the giant Universal pull inviting us to change. It is stronger than ever before, calling us sometimes with an almost silent whisper but it is here. So let us listen, this is my morning prayer. May we walk as we are, like a flower without outside forces of control & manipulation. Let us cooperate, let us work together. As one. Despite gender, nation &/or belief.

Evil is indeed but with Einsteins words I state that the Universe is friendly, that we’re all a part of, even connected, even loved, wished for, seen, wanted & heard. But what does it all matter in the Light of mental illness, pathology, pollution, manipulation, control &/or evil…?

I state that control & manipulation are of evil, that a flower cannot be forced to grow &/or have a certain colour &/or scent to it, it is as & what it is.

Acceptance & inner framework is required at this state. Terminal. Final. Taking responsible for our children, future & this magnificent paradise we’ve been given. Life, nature, harmony, understanding.

Let here be peace.

Some state war as inevitable, the only option but with what results? Destruction. If human nature exercises & executes evil, it doesn’t matter that the Universe is friendly. So why don’t we cooperate? Out of selfishness; greed &/or fake pride, arrogance, vengeance, anger, jealousy, envy, shame & guilt not to mention the lust for power, the urge to win.

But let us raise our children to be one, to work together.

We are together, we are one & sometimes you lose, sometimes you win which is called life! Let us risk to share both spirit & wealth, let’s cease abusing, destroying, manipulating, controlling… Let us trust not only a friendly Universe but each other 1st & foremost.

Let us work on that, our future, our children’s future, our life! Let us be a good human being, golden, dignified, in awe, grateful we move.

Give each other a reason to trust.

& respect.

Why would I trust you? Out of childish naïveté &/or stupidity or because I can? Why would I respect you? Out of fear or because you respect me, too?

There’s no holding back now, a go with the flow! In order to create not kill.

In the name of freedom,

Esmeralda 🦋🍃✨

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